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6 Sisters Coiffeur Beauty Plaza

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City State Zip


Date of Birth  XX-XX-XX  Place of Birth


Phone #  xxx-xxx-xxxx  Email


How long have you resided at current address?      Years Months


Do you currently own or rent your residence? Rent Own


What is your marital status?   Married Single


Employer   Phone #


Licensed Beauty Professional Yes No  If Yes, How Long? Years Months


If yes to above question, what is your field of profession?



 Cosmetology Nail Technician Body Therapist Esthetician




Please provide your License Record Identification Number  


Do you currently have a Salon Management License? Yes No



Currently enrolled in an accredited Beauty College/Academy? Yes No



If yes, how many quarters hours do you currently have?    


What is the name of the school you are attending?   


List experiences you have pertaining to your field of profession.



What is your current Clientele Rate?





 0-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%




Name two of your specialties. 


Give a brief description of your expectations from the Salon Facilitator.




Do you have any sales or marketing experience? Yes NO



When can you start your Business Operations?  


















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For more information call Clifton or Reddius Shaw at 256-683-6563 or send your application to Resumes and Portfolios are also accepted.

6 Sisters Coiffeur Beauty Plaza
2902 Pike Avenue NW Huntsville, AL 35810
(256) 859-1870






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